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Moisturizing Day Cream - Normal & Dry Skin

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  • Helps alleviate the skin's most significant problems thanks to the pomegranate extract in its formula.
  • Specially designed for dry skin, the cream helps maintain the skin's moisture balance for long periods when used regularly.
  • It relieves and softens the skin with its lightweight texture. It offers fresh and pleasant-smelling skin day long thanks to its fragrance containing pomegranate extract.
  • Flormar Moisturizing Day Cream Normal & Dry Skin has a formula that is suitable for mature skin, as well.
  • The cream's intense moisturizing and softening properties help your skin to appear firmer and fuller.
  • Flormar Moisturizing Day Cream Normal & Dry Skin can be applied on a daily basis to skin that has been cleaned and wiped with tonic.
  • By doing so, you can both maintain your skin's moisture balance day long and easily achieve a radiant appearance!
  • Weight: 50 ml