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Safety Measurements

We Are Taking All Safety Measures To Ensure Safe Delivery!

1. Maintaining social distance

At our offices and warehouses, our employees are keeping the mandatory 6 feet distance between each other while doing all the activities.

2. Regular Disinfecting of premises

We disinfect our premises and our warehouses every day with Disinfecting agents viruses and other pathogens so that they can never make their way to your products.

3. The staff wears masks 

All employees involved in restocking and packaging wear masks, wash and sanitize their hands to prevent package contamination. Your package and its contents are in safe hands.

4. Daily temperature check

All employees who work in the warehouses undergo compulsory temperature-check every day.

Delivery partners are the people who deliver your package. That is why we take extra precautions and check their body temperature multiple times a day, especially before they set off to deliver the goods.

If a rider seems feverish, we will substitute him with another rider. Rest assured, the person who brings you your delivery is completely healthy.

5. Protective gear for delivery partners

This is another safety measure we adopt alongside temperature check. Our riders always wear masks and gloves for added protection.

6. Our delivery partners wash their hands

Before setting off with your products, our delivery partners carefully and thoroughly clean their hands with hand sanitizers that they always carry with them. After each delivery, the partners once again clean their hands before embarking on the next delivery run.

7. Safe delivery

What makes purchasing from FLORMAR an experience free from worries is that we offer 2 types of delivery options for the client to choose while maintaining safety measurements;

  • Contactless delivery: Our delivery partners will deliver the package at your doorstep. You will not come into contact with the partner, so there is no fear of you getting infected.

Digital records can help brands track the delivery executives better, and allow them to safeguard the executive’s health. For instance, in the event of a delivery executive coming in contact with an infected customer, brands will be able to track them better, inform the healthcare officials, and take necessary measures to ensure safety.

We will never compromise on anyone’s wellbeing, especially at these critical times. Follow the necessary guidelines, stay safe and shop worry-free with FLORMAR.