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 Today, more than ever, thinking about the environment and its sustainability it’s mandatory.

At Flormar, we believe in the saying: "Think globally. Act locally.” so we feel it is our responsibility, as an online store that makes daily shipments worldwide, to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Our office is where the activity of our company is centered and where we spend much of our day. For that reason, it is where our action must begin with the adoption of environment-friendly practices and with the implementation of simple measures in our everyday tasks.
From our office to the world: we do not want our action to be confined to the walls of our office.

It is then our commitment to:
- Encourage the reduction of waste by promoting reuse or recycling with the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials - our boxes and envelopes are 100% recycled and the bubble wrap is made from 15% recycled material;

- Implement greener practices in the workplace - waste separation and much of the used card is collected by a specialized company for reuse, being that we ourselves reuse a lot of the packaging materials we receive from our suppliers;

- Provide, in our catalog, products that are formulated with a large percentage of ingredients of natural origin and brands that are concerned about the environment;

- Contribute to the protection of endangered species.