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Our company aims to:

  • Employ quality manpower consisting of people who have the necessary knowledge and skill
  • Create an environment that ensures motivation and efficient communication so that employees can use their creativity and express their opinions freely
  • Follow a participatory management policy which incorporates different points of view and ideas
  • Support constant learning and improvement by giving importance to the employees’ personal and occupational development
  • Encourage and award high performance by evaluating employee performances according to objective criteria
  • Present employees with the best conditions by using innovative human resources applications

Recruitment Process

  • The candidates are called in for a pre-interview for the available posts after an evaluation of career portals and individual applications is carried out in order to match the correct candidate with the suitable position.
  • After the pre-interview with the Human Resources Department, the suitable candidates are presented with personal inventory, a foreign language test, an evaluation center and case studies according to the requirements of the position. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the relevant department heads.
  • Adaptation to the post is ensured for the newly recruited employees through orientation trainings.
  • You may access our job postings on, Secret CV and LinkedIn.

Training and Improvement System

  • Flormar gives great importance to Human Resources and therefore aims for constant training and improvement in this area. Yearly training plans for the employees are prepared by evaluatingthe requests of the employees, improvement areas required by the position, necessary trainings for the achievement of yearly goals, and personal and vocational requirements.
  • This process is supported by leadership improvement programs and mentorship workshops based on the position and title.
  • Our retail personnel receive several trainings that will make a difference in the beauty sector as well as a wide orientation program starting from recruitment.
  • After the training programs, the evaluations of the participants are taken into account so that constant improvement is achieved in training organizations as well.
  • Training requirement analyses for the required technical and vocational trainings of the hourly paid workers are carried out and for their standards for working in heavy and dangerous jobs. These trainings are carried out by accredited institutions.

Performance Management System

  • Performance Management at Flormar consists of target setting, target monitoring, mid-season and end of the year evaluations, and action and feedback processes.
  • The Performance Management System, together with other Human Resources procedures, is carried out online.
  • At Flormar, with the help of the performance management system, it is made sure that the company’s goals are implemented by the employees, the performance of the employees regarding their goals are evaluated and awarded, and individual improvements are planned based on individual skills.
  • The Performance Management system provides input for Training and Improvement processes as well as Career Management.

Compensation and Side Benefits

  • Flormar applies a compensation system based on the content of job rather than the title and function. Salaries are determined according to job sizes ordered in grades. Our compensation system aims to determine the total income of our employees according to competitive and fair corporate policies in line with the current salary market. Moreover, the system aims to motivate the employees by evaluating and rewarding high performance. Individual salaries are evaluated and reviewed once a year based on personal performance results, salary surveys, economic indicators, the company’s solvency, and in-company balance.
  • Flormar evaluates its compensation and side benefit strategies each year by taking part in various salary surveys.