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Creamy Coconut

  • Creamy Coconut Shower Gel

    Original price 7,273 LBP - Original price 150,000 LBP
    Original price
    7,273 LBP
    7,273 LBP - 150,000 LBP
    Current price 7,273 LBP

    Moisturize the skin. Protect it from drying out. Prevents damage resulting from dry skin structure. Its special formula contains Vitamin E, glycer...

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  • Creamy Coconut Body Lotion

    Original price 8,121 LBP - Original price 195,000 LBP
    Original price
    8,121 LBP
    8,121 LBP - 195,000 LBP
    Current price 8,121 LBP

    Renewed skin is just around the corner with freshly-scented Creamy Coconut Body Lotion! The coconut extract in its formula repairs the damages res...

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  • Creamy Coconut Body Mist

    Original price 13,818 LBP - Original price 245,000 LBP
    Original price
    13,818 LBP
    13,818 LBP - 245,000 LBP
    Current price 13,818 LBP

    Are you ready to enjoy the charming scent of coconut all day long? Infused with coconut extract, Vitamin E, Hydroviton Plus and glycerin, Creamy C...

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  • Creamy Coconut Hand Cream

    Original price 3,948 LBP - Original price 143,000 LBP
    Original price
    3,948 LBP
    3,948 LBP - 143,000 LBP
    Current price 3,948 LBP

    Promotes the repair of irritated skin. It also effectively allows you to achieve smooth hands. Nourish, protects and moisturize the hands thanks ...

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  • Creamy Coconut Mini Hand Cream

    Original price 3,847 LBP - Original price 94,000 LBP
    Original price
    3,847 LBP
    3,847 LBP - 94,000 LBP
    Current price 3,847 LBP

    Eliminate dryness resulting from insufficient moisture. This hand cream, which will allow you to achieve moisturized and smooth hands, also offers...

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